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the law of fendoser 1: THE FRIENDSHIP ACT

SECTION 1. short title and permulaan kuat kuasa.
When it hurts to look back, and you're scared to look ahead, you can look beside you and your best friend will be there
This Act may be cited as THE FRIENDSHIP ACT 151010  


"friends"mean any person who, upon seeing another friend in immense pain, would rather be the one experiencing the pain than to have to watch their friend suffer.

SECTION 3. power of director general.
-I cannot live without friends is why I like to find friends....
-but finding a friend who really understands and accepts me as I received him s damn hard...
-whether new or old...
-tend to know them in depth at first but will accept whatever their shortcomings and advantages...not all of them,certain people la....
-This caused much misunderstanding. The question arises that what I actually do is love him/her more than a friend.  
-What I have tried ??...
  1. fren no 1- just do not care what he thought and said about me ... result: do not feel like a friend... n let he/she go...
  2. fren no 2- try to make this clear (explained what happen)... result: bring more misunderstanding...fren but feelin like so stupid..
  3. fren no 3-pretending like not noticing what is happening and try to avoid.... result: no achieving da point, "frenship"..
thankful today I have two super best deeply truly friends.....
dg noraini taj@nunuk ank sultan, normah jufri@nunuk bini, afendy @ nunuk laki....

    1.  A friend is someone who understands my past, believes in my future, and accepts me just the way I are.
    2. lift me up when my heart's wing forget how 2 fly.
    3. always waiting when we will together.
    -mopongou team,paling manang tinggu suma diam??..tunggu masa ambil gmbr...haha
    form left daryl si gete tp bez gila jd kwn ko,casey yg ska share2 hahaha,,masol ktawa smpai x ingat dunia, yong si penari,san org putih,kane2wan japanese hahahaha,gono??...hahahaha,gibot slumber sja,ald kedayan???..hahaha,sis corry kalu dia ada mesti riuh, gaman antara mopongou yg awal sa knal,jet edward ska ktawa gila jga.
    suma mopongou ada, nel si model serius dlu sa slalu nmpak awan2 mendung atas kpala dia (sa tkut dia dlu) tp sbnrnya mopong, n si cyril dlu dia praktikal d penang..
    1. bring lots of laughs and a lot of fun.
    2. feel appreciated when we are together.
    3. feel missed when we away.
    4. care about me.
    5. together regadless of laugher or in distress.

     -gengz2 benoni ku..hasil terkumpul form tadika kemas 2 sk benoni 2 smk benoni 2 km labuan...

    form left ajik ank buah si xxx,izah,ijah,sapik yg jht(hahahaha),bera bini sapik(kuat cubit),sabri no komen mkin gemuk,afiq mat kontrol macho,wani bfny junior ku, ijalz tcekik aq then pandai2 color rambut,anie si nunuk, azani kira pnjht jga hahaha laki nunuk bini, n normah si nunuk bini.
    frm top left dk rehan,d hazlean, farhanah@dangsanak,dilah..
    below pendi,si jul,si wan,acap...

    -gengz kskb sg buloh ku..ramai lg tp ni antara yg paling supporting..

    dazz si budak2 knun,ah moy, ah pik..esther yg serba bole,sim yg kiut knun,joan si gagah, beney si rumate, pypie si happy go lucky, hibri slumber n afendy y si gono.... yg anggap sbg kwn yg mcm x supporting n keras sgt kpala 2 xapa la...yg penting kbnyaknnya ok n acceptable n considered as frenz..

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    act as blogger

    what should I write in my blog ..still dn't know how to edit this blog
    to show what is in my mind and heart

    wanna post something based on education and health of human life